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Companion animals live a short life. In that little span of time, they add magic to every life they touch. With this limitless and pure love, unconditional loyalty and antics to adore, they bring boundless joy to all of us. They depend on us to provide for and reciprocate the love. Good food is the bedrock of a healthy and wholesome life, your best friend deserves from you. At Fabulicious Pvt Ltd, we are committed to extending fabulous and delicious concept foods for companion animals, to help you do your part…

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Clients Say

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Would recommend the product

"My cat doesn't eat in one go and when I feed her wet food, it start smelling after some time and upsets her stomach. So I have been trying for a good dry food. And I must say, me and my catto liked it. Bit expensive but I find it worth it"

My cat likes it

"My cat likes it very much even though usually she prefers wet food over dry"

My Pet dog is 'luvin' it 👌

"We were exploring different food options for our pet, as he was getting bored of the regular dog food and at times refused to eat. We ordered 2 diffferent soups from Luvin

We give it in soup form alone or with rice and eggs as well. He seems to have taken a lot of liking for it. And no fuss on eating food anymore. Luvin it!"

The Best food for your pet

"Ive been using Luvin Premium Dog Food since almost a year now and my pet still loves it so much. Its so nutritious that I need not worry about his health at all"


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