Luvin Pet Bathrobe Towel For Dogs & Cats - luvin
Luvin Pet Bathrobe Towel For Dogs & Cats - luvin
Luvin Pet Bathrobe Towel For Dogs & Cats - luvin
Luvin Pet Bathrobe Towel For Dogs & Cats - luvin
Luvin Pet Bathrobe Towel For Dogs & Cats - luvin
Luvin Pet Bathrobe Towel For Dogs & Cats - luvin
Luvin Pet Bathrobe Towel For Dogs & Cats - luvin
Luvin Pet Bathrobe Towel For Dogs & Cats - luvin

Luvin Dog Cat Bathrobe Microfiber Towel

Fast Drying Super Absorbent Coat | Micro Fibre Fabric Bath Robe Towel | Luxuriously Soft | Adjustable Velcro Closure

Do you struggle drying your pet after baths at home 🤪?

The dryer too noisy and inefficient 🙄?

Do you find them rubbing against the upholstery 🛌 and creating a messy wet floor all around?

Does the undercoat remain wet for hours with your kiddo shivering?

Solution is Dog Cat Bathrobe Microfiber Towel. Just wrap it around with velcro closure around your pet after bath for 30mins and let it soak all that water away.

Premium breathable cloth high-quality micro-fibre (356GSM). Multiple sizes and colors to choose from. Machine washable. Velcro Closure.

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Product description

Introducing the perfect blend of style and comfort for your furry friend – our exquisite Luvin Dog Cat Bathrobe Microfiber Towel. Crafted with premium breathable cloth, this outfit is a testament to luxury and care for your cherished pet. With a plethora of sizes and colors to choose from, it's not just a piece of clothing; it's a way to express love to your beloved pet.

Absorbs upto 5times its own weight.

Premium Quality

Made from high-quality micro-fibre (356GSM), this bath robes for dogs is tailored specifically for dogs and is available as an individual item, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a touch of sophistication for their pets. The premium material used is not just any fabric; it's a skin-friendly textile designed for daily wear. 

Machine Wash

What sets our bathrobe dog apart is its practicality. It's not just a stylish accessory; it's also machine washable, making cleaning a breeze. Simply pop it in the washing machine, and the premium material guarantees no shrinkage or fading. 

Multi Purpose Bathrobe

Our Dog Bathrobe Towel, a multi-purpose drying coat designed to make post-bath, swim, or rainy day walks a breeze for both you and your pet. This innovative towel is not just a drying essential but also an efficient time-saver, allowing you more quality moments with your furry friend.

The unique feature of our Luvin Dog Bathrobe Towel lies in its quick moisture absorption capabilities, ensuring your pet stays warm and comfortable after water-related activities. Whether it's a bath, swim, shower, or a walk on rainy days, this towel facilitates a merry, carpet-rolling drying process that effectively protects your pet from the cold.

Easy To Wear 

Putting on and taking off this Dog Bath Coat is a hassle-free experience, thanks to the clever design featuring Velcro Tape on the  waist. Simply pop it over your dog's head, adjust the waist range with the velcro, and take it off swiftly with the magic tape – making grooming time a stress-free endeavour.

Perfect for Every Size

For a perfect fit, we recommend measuring your dog's back length before purchasing. Follow our recommended size and avoid selecting a size that is too big or too small. Prioritize your pet's comfort and grooming routine with our practical and efficient Dog Bathrobe Towel.

Small Size (40cm body length, 45cm Neck, 50-60cm Bust) is ideally suitable for pet body weight 10-19Kgs

Large Size (60cm body length, 50cm Neck, 60-70cm Bust) is ideally suitable for pet body weight 20-29Kgs

Extra-Large Size (77cm body length, 60cm Neck, 80-100cm) is ideally suitable for pet body weight 30-40Kgs

*Please take measurement of your pet at home before placing order. Message on whatsapp for clarification.

Customer Reviews

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Ho Ho Ho... Santa is early! Fantastic Bathrobe by Luvin

So happy, Agus and Us.. He loves his new Red robe, we love our very own Santa... The quality and fit is superb. Works wonders, no more messy floors.