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Luving Back Starts with us

Companion animals live a short life. In that little span, they add magic to every life they touch. With limitless and pure love, unconditional loyalty and antics to adore, they bring boundless joy to all of us. We see what they give us as debt, a debt that stacks up to enormous proportions over the years, in multiple currencies of loyalty, warmth, friendship, commitment and of course, love. And this debt must be repaid. We believe in the old idiom “Way to one’s heart goes through his stomach”. Good food is the bedrock of a healthy and wholesome life, your best friends deserves from us.

LUVIN is our endeavour to help you reciprocate and love back the way they do. We believe food shouldn't just be filling, it should attend to your privileged ones nutritional requirements. At LUVIN, we are committed to extending fabulous and delicious concept foods for companion animals. We have over the years launched over a dozen products including dry foods, treats and some innovative offerings, pillared on excellent palatability, nutrition and goodness. We believe, with increasing pet humanization, the format of nutrition delivery in the pet food space is undergoing a significant change. We continually work towards reinventing basis feedback we receive from our devoted customers. This has led us to do many industry firsts. Like Instant Soup Powder for Dogs, Artisanally Baked Cat Food, Gourmet Food Topper, etc

Every wag, purr and leap inspires to do more. So we don’t stop at just food and nutrition. We try to bring some useful solutions for pet parents under the collectables and accessories section, at times ourselves or by partnering with fellow entrepreneurs from the industry.

Our parent entity, Fabulicious Pvt Ltd, is a DIPP certified start-up incorporated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Our founder, Mr. Ipshit Bhattacharya, is an ex-banker and a Food Technologist cum Canine Nutritionist with MBA from IIM- Ahmedabad. With a background in setting-up manufacturing plants for processed foods, nutrition, marketing and finance, he believes in the potential of technology to improve life of our furry friends. His love for his cocker spaniel-Nuttie and the loving memory of Snoopy, Rocky, Boxer, Bunty-Bubbly, Pyare-Mohan and Bhalerao, pushed him to switch lanes from a career in the Finance Industry to bringing some joy in the four-legged universe.

We steadily continue on this path to help you love back. We’d be honoured if you are part of this journey by giving us your valuable suggestions, tips, experiences and criticisms. Drop us a line or ping us and let’s keep the conversation flowing.

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