Why do dogs eat less in the summer?

by Luvin digital on May 29, 2024

Why do dogs eat less in the summer?

As soon as summers come and temperature soars, we hear these common comments

“Daaku left the chicken in the dish AGAIN.”
“Poppins didn´t eat her second meal today.”
“Crypto is being real picky lately. I hope he is OK.”

As concerning as it might be for you as a pet parent, drop in appetite of your Dog during summer months is normal and not something to worry about.

Here are some reasons why this happens:

  1. During summer, activity/exercise level drops. Hence, energy required is lesser. Mind tells body, eat less. Dogs can get easily over-heated due to heatwave, leading to discomfort and feeling lethargic
  2. Dehydration and resulting imbalance of body electrolytes may be causing loss of appetite.

  3. Summer hot weather also causes hormonal changes that reduces metabolism affecting food intake
  4. Warmer temperature accelerates food spoilage. If food become unappetising or spoilt, they may refuse to eat

What can you do?

Adjust daily intake and follow the appetite level. Consider fasting once a week. Skip the breakfast or evening treats. Go for cooler sources of proteins like whitefish, liver, eggs, rabbit, duck, curd, etc. Serve food cold or at room temperature. Soak dry food. Avoid fatty meats like pork and warming foods. Wait for your pet to cool down after a walk before feeding them.

If your dog is panting unnecessarily and water intake has increased, it is a sign that the kiddo is facing issues maintaining body temperature. Keep them in cool and shaded place. Ensure fresh water is always around. Ice-cubes, buttermilk, coconut water, broth etc etc help to improve water intake. Real Chicken Broth, forms into a Jelly within minutes of putting in the refrigerator. Give them some they shall like it

You may also try Luvin's Instant Soup Powder; give it cold or make into a popsicle. Using a pet cooling mat helps a lot. Do not go for walks between 9am-6pm. Avoid concrete surfaces that get heated during the day. If you have reason to believe your pet has got heated, put damp cloth or spray little water and place in front of fan. The evaporating water shall cool them faster and decrease load on panting for cooling the body down. Remember, they can’t sweat to cool like you do.

Also, like your pet, there are some out their who are lying on the streets and facing the heat. Find some time to pour some water for them in a bowl too. They need your kindness.

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