Your Cat loves you Here are some signs

by Luvin digital on May 30, 2024

Your Cat loves you Here are some signs
Cats show affection in various subtle ways, and while they may not express love overtly, they have their own unique behaviorus to show they care.
  1. Meowing: It is a way of initiating conversation
  2. Kneading: Cats like to knead your blanket when you are in bed. The happier they feel, the sharper they dig
  3. HeadButt: Cats have glands on their cheeks and head. Rubbing their head on you is a way of leaving their scent on you
  4. Straight Tail: Holding the trail straight in the air. It is a greeting gesture; shows friendliness and affection.
  5. Eye-contact: Cats make eye contact with only people they trust. It doesn't mean they are planning an attack. And if they slowly blink while you touch them, it means they feel trust
  6. Rolling on the ground: It is a sign of playfulness 
  7. Nipping: Cats nip each other when they play. They have thick skin. So they think when they nip, humans enjoy too
  8. Showing belly: Cats do not like to expose their belly; it makes them vulnerable. If they do, it shows they are comfortable around you and want to play
  9. Scratching: It is not only for sharpening claws. They mark scent through scent glands on their paws on objects of their parents to mark territory.
  10. Follow you: A loving cat will follow you and sit on counters, tables, etc to stay close by
  11. Raising butt: They like love to be scratched at the base of their tail. Holding the butt up expresses comfort and affection 
  12. Gifting: Dropping things collected from here and there is a way of bragging 'see I hunted this'
  13. Rubbing against you: They leave their scent on you by rubbing against you
  14. Curving tail: Curving the tip of the tail is a sign of saying I am happy. They quiver when they feel excited
  15. Sleeping on you: It means they feel safe around you
Remember, every cat is unique, so they might show affection in different ways. Pay attention to your cat's behavior and the signals they give you, and you'll likely pick up on their love for you. It is easy to understand and an experienced Cat parent would know the signs and understand. Question is, how would you show your love back?
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