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Luvin Collapsible Silicone Bowl For Pets with Lid & hook

A Pet Parent's must have outdoor companion...

*Luvin Collapsible Silicone Bowl For Pets with Lid & hook*

Easy feed, Anytime, Anywhere

✅ Lightweight yet durable material. Holds upto 350g food or 500ml water

✅ Equipped with a handy carabiner hook, Clip it to bags, harnesses, or leashes for ease of access

✅ Made from premium grade BPA-free silicone; durable; no sharp edges

✅ Easy to clean or wipe with wet wipe during travel

✅ Handy to carry during travel; lightweight; daily washable

✅ Helps to train your puppy. Gives them a cue its mealtime everytime you fold open it

✅ You know how messy and slobbery the bowls get after feeding. The lid ensures the mess is well contained and your bag doesn't get soiled

✅ Strong perimeter rim ensures steadiness

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Product description

Luvin Collapsible Bowl For Pet Dogs & Cats | Portable & Lightweight Silicone Travel Folding Water & Food Bowl | Pink/Blue/Orange

Hassle-Free Feeding, Anytime, Anywhere

Crafted for Convenience: Discover the ultimate solution for feeding your furry friend on the move with our portable and versatile pet food & water bowl. Designed with convenience in mind, our collapsible bowls is your perfect companion for on-the-go adventures.

Carabiner Hook for Easy Carry: Equipped with a handy carabiner hook, our bowl ensures hassle-free transport. Clip it to bags, harnesses, or leashes for a quick and easy feeding solution during quick trips to the park or long hikes.

Goodbye to Bulky Accessories: Bid farewell to bulky feeding accessories! Our collapsible bowl for dogs offers a lightweight design, eliminating the hassle of carrying cumbersome bowls and pans. Say hello to hassle-free feeding on all your pet-friendly outings.

Versatile Design for Cats and Dogs: Designed to hold up to 350g of food or 500ml water, our travel dog bowl is a practical solution for both cats and dogs. Whether it's food or water, provide your pets with a convenient feeding option on the go.

Ultimate Convenience with Silicone Material

Spacious Eating Area: Made from flexible silicone material, our dog bowl for travel unfolds to provide a spacious eating area that easily accommodates your pet's appetite. Enjoy a mess-free and enjoyable mealtime experience, no matter where you are.

Effortless Storage: When mealtime is over, simply collapse the feeder bowl and put on the lid for effortless storage. The foldable design ensures compact and convenient storage, ready for your next adventure.

Celebrate Love, Happy Colors

Celebrate with a splash of color! Our collapsible bowls are available in a range of happy colors, adding a vibrant touch to your pet's mealtime. Beat the heat with style and hydration for your furry friends.

Note: Four colors available: Green, Orange, Pink and Yellow (Color may vary)

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