Luvin Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs & Cats
Luvin Nothing Else Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs & Cats - luvin
Luvin Nothing Else Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs & Cats - luvin

Luvin Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs & Cats

Natural, Human Grade, Functional Baked Treats
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100% HUMAN-GRADE CHICKEN: Made from high-quality, human-grade chicken only, this chicken jerky for dogs and cats is safe to consume. We never use any animal by-products, or binding and sweetening agents, etc, ensuring that your pet receives only the best.

THE ‘NOTHING ELSE’ PROMISE: Few, clean, human-grade ingredients and nothing else. No added colors, flavors, fillers or preservatives. Nothing you won’t find in your own food. Natural, functional, mono-protein, made in small batches.

HIGH PROTEIN: Our jerky is packed with protein 63% and is low on fat, making it an ideal snack for active dogs who need an extra boost of energy. The lean chicken provides a high-quality source of protein that supports muscle growth and repair.

PERFECT FOR TRAINING OR AS A TREAT: Whether you're training your pet or simply rewarding them for being a good boy or girl, our jerky is the perfect treat. It's easy to break apart into smaller pieces, making it a great option for training, and it's also a delicious and nutritious snack that your pet will love.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Luvin Nothing Else Chicken Jerky Dog Treats are an ideal snack for pets on a weight management program. They are high in protein, and low on fat, helping to keep your pet feeling full and satisfied between meals.

HELPS IN BEHAVIORAL TRAINING, GROWTH AND PERFORMANCE: Luvin Nothing Else Chicken Jerky Treats are great for behavioral training, helping your pet to learn and grow. They also support your pet's physical performance, making them ideal for active and adventurous pets.