Luvin Chicken Bone Broth for Cats

*Reasons* why we believe you must look at this for your furry

✅ *EasyPleaseFresh*: Easy for you, Pleasing for Them, Fresh as home. Just shake, cut & serve

✅ *Detox*: Natural source of glycine that helps detox your pet’s kidney & liver

✅ *Aids Digestion*: Boosts appetite and great recourse during stomach upsets. Naturally anti-inflammatory

✅ *Improves Skin & Coat & Mobility*: About 1/3rd of all protein in our body is *collagen*. Our 12-hour slow cooking process extracts collagen from bones, muscles and tendons that helps in cell repair and improves skin & coat

✅ *Helps Joints & Muscles*: Chicken feet used as ingredient are great source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin. You shall find these compounds in all Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia related medications

✅ *No-nonsense*: Human-grade. All natural. No added colors, flavors or preservatives

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Product description
  • Easy & tasty way to transform any meal into a culinary delight.
  • Our Chicken bone broth is prepared by gently cooking chicken feet, bones, ligaments & tendons over 12 hours to extract nourishing protein and natural goodness that makes your furry’s joints & bones strong and younger. It is naturally rich in Collagen, Glucosamine & Chondroitin; considered useful in cases of hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis
  • Aids during stomach upsets, supports digestion, boosts appetite and is magnificently soothing for your pet’s gut
  • Bone broth is natural source of glycine that helps detox your pet’s kidney & liver
  • With added Liver and Egg Powder, it is a great add-on for fussy eaters
  • Just shake, cut & serve at room temperature or gently warm. Can be added as food topper to your dog’s food to supplement your pet’s hydration or frozen into popsicles during summers
  • Proudly human-grade. All natural. No added colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Salt-free formula with no garlic, onion or ingredients that could be harmful to your pet
  • Can be used daily for Cats of all breed, weight and age profile

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