Everything You Need To Check Before Buying Dog Treats

by Luvin digital on Oct 25, 2023

Dog Treats

If your dog ever says no to treats, they're probably auditioning for the role of 'The World's Most Disciplined Canine' in a doggy talent show!
Your dog uses their big doggy eyes to extort dog treats from you and at times you have to break their little hearts by saying NO to them because you have your concerns about treats, what is the appropriate amount? Are they suitable for your dog? What ingredients should I avoid in dog treats? Do they have any nutritional value?

Treats are the world's best trainers

Considering our experience as pet parents who have resorted to treats, even for something as simple as a handshake, your story won't be any different from ours. Treats serve as an excellent bribe to aid in training your dog.
These little things not only motivate your dog to showcase their best performance but also reinforce positive behavior.
When teaching your dog any command a tasty treat will work as a great incentive. Treat helps create a positive association between the action and the reward, making learning enjoyable for dogs. However, it's essential to choose appropriate, healthy treats and use them in moderation to maintain a balanced diet.

Behavior issues? Give them a treat!

Tired of your doggo’s excessive braking? Jumping on you? Chewing up your favorite slipper?
Positive reinforcement is your one solution to all these problems and what is better than treats to do so? Consistently reward your dog with a delicious, healthy treat immediately when they exhibit the desired behavior. This helps them associate good behavior with tasty rewards.
By rewarding the right action we shape a well-mannered dog companion.

Treats: Healthy snack or unhealthy junk?

Between meals, you often find yourself munching on snacks to curb your hunger. Treats serve a similar purpose for dogs, aside from their role as rewards for positive reinforcement.
You try to indulge in healthy snacks to avoid negative impacts on your health, and you want the same for your pooch. You always scour the market for healthy treats that do not contribute to your dog's weight. Luvin Nothing Else Treats for dogs make for an excellent snack choice for pets following a weight management program. These treats are rich in protein while being low in fat, helping your pet stay satiated and content between meals.

Treats are equal to love.

Once a wise dog said, "The greater your parent's love, the more treats they bestow upon you."
A heartfelt "good boy" or "good girl" accompanied by their favorite treat can send your dog to the stars, showing affection. However, it's crucial to temper that love, as some treats might not be healthy for them as those high-calorie treats are often crafted from low-quality ingredients with minimal nutritional value. After investing in premium dog food, you wouldn't want these treats to lead to an unexpected visit to the vet.
Luvin Nothing Else Tuna Jerky Treats are crafted from human-grade tuna fish, guaranteeing top-notch protein and nutrition for your beloved companion. This lean tuna fish offers a premium source of protein, aiding in muscle growth and repair.

Dental treats

Hard and firm-textured treats that compel your dog to chew thoroughly can aid in the removal of tartar and plaque, thereby enhancing their dental health. These treats also keep your dog engaged for a longer duration giving you time to complete some chores without being disturbed.

How much is too much?

The proportion of treats in your dog's daily caloric intake should not exceed 10%. Adjusting treat portions based on your dog's breed and age is essential; naturally, smaller dog breeds may require fewer treats compared to larger breeds. It's essential to choose high-quality, nutrition-rich options, consider your dog's food needs, and take into account any allergies or sensitivities they may have.

Ingredients that are to be avoided.

Steer clear of treats containing listed preservatives, fillers, added colors or added sugars as part of their ingredients.

Sugars like sorbitol cause tooth decay and gastrointestinal issues.

Preservatives like BHA (butylated hydroxy anisole), a synthetic antioxidant, is added to dog food to prevent fats from going rancid.
BHA has been identified as potentially carcinogenic for animals, why take the risk with your dog's health when there are preservative-free treats readily available?
Crafted exclusively from top-tier human-grade ingredients, Luvin’s chicken and sattu sticks offer a safe and wholesome choice for your beloved pet. These treats are devoid of any harmful additives or preservatives. They're as pure as your love for your furry friend.

Want to know more about preservatives, added sugar, and coloring and how they adversely affect your fido’s health?

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