Effective Parasite-control starts inside your pet

by Luvin digital on Dec 24, 2022

Parasites In Dog

Effective Parasite-control starts inside your pet

If you are a pet parent, chances are you have encountered parasites like mites, ticks, tapeworms & fleas. From the animal’s perspective these blood-sucking freeloaders spell torture and to you it is outrightly disgusting and miserable. The solution amplifies when your pet is a companion animal living inside your home; it effects the over health, hygiene and aesthetics of the household. And a fellow pet parent I know how nightmarish this can be. 

One symptom and we rush to equip ourselves with medications, herbal powders, sprays & lotions. With the summers already knocking on our doorstep, some might already be gearing up. But wait, let’s step back for a moment are we missing something deeper here?

Parasites have co-existed with animals for millions of years. How did animals cope up before all these treatments were developed? Or how come some are more prone to such infestations than others? Every living body is home to a thriving bio-community of millions, parasites are just one of them. Problem arises when a host’s body is unable to deal with them effectively.

Opportunists as the parasites are, they exploit the hosts deficient immunity response to reproduce and gain control over the pet’s body. An ‘allergic response’ that follows is merely a dysfunctional immunity system responding aggressively. Itching is essentially a histamine response, isn’t it?

We must also remember, anything that is poisonous for the parasite cannot be good for the hist either. Most anti-parasitic agents bypass the natural body functions and create their own imbalance or have side effects. E.g. impacting beneficial microflora in the host, effects on liver, supressing natural immune response, etc. Thereby making the host even more vulnerable towards countless other diseases.

We see Parasite attacks as a sign of deeper imbalance. Keeping your pet well-nourished and healthy can avert this. Without a complete and balanced diet, your furry’s resistance and ability to adjust to parasites, is severely compromised. The full array of vitamins, minerals, digestives, Omega 3&6 and antioxidants is necessary to keep immunity at peak potential. Furthermore, it is important to identify sources of stress in the animal’s habitat or feed, e.g. a dog with gluten allergy, one suffering from separation anxiety, under drugs, one not getting enough excercise or living in an unclean environment, might just be the host the opportunistic parasites would love to torment. 

Effective Parasite-control starts inside your pet and good food is the bedrock

While making Luvin, complete & balanced, grain-free chicken recipe for dogs & cats, we have hence used ingredients such as Nettle, Echinachea, brewer’s yeast, thyme, basil, inulin, yucca, etc to ensure necessary elements of nutrition are not missed out. These ingredients, besides the holistic nutrition that the food offers, herbally aid against such invasions.

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