LUVIN Slurpin' Instant Soup Powder for Dogs - luvin
LUVIN Slurpin' Instant Soup Powder for Dogs
LUVIN Slurpin' Instant Soup Powder for Dogs - luvin

LUVIN Slurpin' Instant Soup Powder for Dogs

India’s first Instant Soup Powder for dogs

✅ Just two spoons make 1 bowl🥣 gravy (250ml)

✅ Added probiotic and prebiotic

✅ Collagen for cell repair

✅ Flaxseed oil for skin & coat

✅ Gluten free. No colors, flavors or preservatives

A convenient, slurpy, delicious & healthy meal is now just a stir away! Serve as soup, use as pour-over topper or freeze into a popsicle 😊

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Product description

A unique and innovative addition to your dog's daily diet, Luvin Slurpin' Instant Soup Powder is India's first instant soup powder for dogs. The soup can be added to the dry dog food.

Simply stir the powder into simmering hot water, and it's ready to serve as a soup or pour over your dog's dry meal, hydrate kibbles or freeze into a popsicle.

The soup enhances the flavor and nutritional profile of the food, adding antioxidants, digestives, building immunity, and improving skin and coat health.

Made with collagen for cell repair and mobility, prebiotics and probiotics for improved digestion, rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, tulsi & nettle for antioxidants and vitamins; it helps you improve nutritional profile of your furry’s intake

The soup is low on fat and contains no wheat, soy, MSG, color, flavor, or preservatives.

One 120g pack makes up to 1 liter of soup instantly. Just 2 tablespoons make 250ml of soup that can be used across two meals. It's a convenient, slurpy, delicious, and healthy meal that's just a stir away for your furry friend.

You don’t need to prepare entire pack in one go. Prepare soup by adding hot water as per requirement. The remaining powder can be stored zip-locked in an air-tight container.

We recommend, soup once prepared, must be refrigerated and consumed same day.